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2019 Grant Highlights

Red Dot Building Hope in the City
Cleveland, OH

  $7,500 for The Hope Center
Hope Center offers services to refugees that extend past the 6-month government subsidized case management available from resettlement agencies, bridging the gap between short-term services these agencies can provide, and the long-term needs of those served.

Red Dot Domestic Violence & Child Advocacy Center
Cleveland, OH

  $10,000 for Emergency Shelter Program
Provides safe shelter, access to basic needs, and comprehensive programming for women and children in need of immediate respite from domestic violence.

Red Dot Edwins Leadership & Restaurant Institute
Cleveland, OH

  $7,500 for Culinary Career Pathways
Instill leadership skills, in formerly incarcerated men and women, through an education in the culinary arts

Red Dot Fill This House
Cleveland, OH

  $5,000 for Providing Basic Needs for "Aged Out" Foster Youth
Dedicated to improving the living conditions of local youth aging out of the foster care system. Provides household needs for transitional youth in independent housing. Delivers support and comfort,, and provides a fresh start in a manner that maintains dignity and encourages growth.

Red Dot House of Champions
Cleveland, OH

  $10,000 for Operating Expenses
Provides a nurturing and safe setting where grade school children have additional opportunities to learn life skills which will give them the confidence to succeed. The focus is on strengthening academic achievements, practicing communication techniques, and learning respectful and appropriate social skills.

Red Dot Joseph House of Cleveland
Cleveland, OH

  $5,000 for Best Foot Forward Prrogram
Provide affordable housing for refugees upon their arrival to the United States. Volunteers assist them in selecting clothes and shoes from the clothing bank. Their goal is to create and maintain a small inventory of new shoes in all sizes so clients will not have to be turned away.

Red Dot Community of Hope
Cleveland, OH

  $5,000 for HOPE Program
Community of Hope helps young adults overcome the obstacles and challenges they face post-foster care and homelessness. They offer them long-lasting support to help them with life skills and support--housing, finance, transportation, health care, job and education.

Red Dot Community Service Alliance
Cleveland, OH

  $7,500 for Operating Support
Transitional housing for homeless men. Helps them transition back to community living and employment.

Red Dot Legal Aid Society of Cleveland
Cleveland, OH

  $10,000 for Expansion of Legal Aid's Housing Practice
This effort helps low-income tenants avoid eviction and homelessness by preserving their rights and holding private landlords accountable.

Red Dot Malachi House
Cleveland, OH

  $10,000 for Residential Care for Terminally Ill Low-Income and Homeless Population
Ministers to individuals who need an available caregiver who have limited or no financial resources and are in need of special home care in the final stages of life.

Red Dot Salvation Army
Cleveland, OH

  $20,000 for Zelma George Family Emergency Shelter
Provides emergency shelter for homeless families.

Red Dot Scranton Road Ministries
Cleveland, OH

  $5,000 for Youth Jobs Partnership
Provides comprehensive job training for students in Cleveland schools.

Red Dot St. Paul's Community Outreach
Cleveland, OH

  $5,000 for Daily Needs Assistance
Help create and maintain conditions that will reinforce individual efforts to move out of homelessness. Strive to remove some of the barriers created by lack of funds, inadequate resources as well as poor mental, physical and emotional health.

Red Dot West Side Catholic Center
Cleveland, OH

  $10,000 for Moriah House Emergency Shelter
Provides a safe and nurturing place to live, meals and all other basic necessities.

Red Dot Seeds of Literacy
Cleveland, OH

  $10,000 for Adults Empowered by Education
Provides basic education and G.E.D. preparation classes to empower adults in the Cleveland neighborhoods to become self-sufficient.

Red Dot Maggie's Place
Cleveland, OH

  $10,000 for Zechariah House - Family Coach Position
Provides services for pregnant and parenting women and their children by offering a warm and welcoming community, a safe place to live and learn and ongoing services to help them become self-sufficient.

Red Dot Esperanza
Cleveland, OH

  $5,000 for Hispanic Young Leaders Program
Helps to improve the academic achievement of Hispanics in Greater Cleveland by supporting students to graduate high school and promoting post-secondary educational attainment.

Red Dot LegalWorks, Inc.
Cleveland, OH

  $5,000 for Community Expansion Program
Provides essentially no-cost representation and expertise to urban residents who are limited in their ability to contact and procure such on their own. They are a social justice program designed to open doors to individuals who are either unaware or financially unstable to avail themselves of the legal opportunities many of us take for granted.

Red Dot Values in Action
Cleveland, OH

  $7,000 for Workforce Training
Focuses on teaching students and employees how to apply character and values in the workplace. Provides students with the opportunity to focus and utilize their values based leadership skills into their future workplace roles.

Total Grants 462,100 100%
Social Services $297,000 64%
Education $141,000 31%
Miscellaneous $24,100 5%
Number of Grants 85
Average Value of Grants $5,436

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