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2017 Grant Highlights

Red Dot Building Hope in the City
Cleveland, OH

  $5,000 for The Hope Center
Hope Center offers services to refugees that extend past the 6-month government subsidized case management available from resettlement agencies, bridging the gap between short-term services these agencies can provide, and the long-term needs of those served.

Red Dot Care Alliance
Cleveland, OH

  $7,500 for Homeless Outreach Program and Winter Supplies
Through this program, outreach workers develop trusting relationships with homeless individuals as they provide them with support services.

Red Dot Cleveland Kids Book Bank
Cleveland, OH

  $5,000 for Free Book Distribution Program
Provides free books to children in need, with the hope of fostering improved literacy and love of reading.

Red Dot Domestic Violence & Child Advocacy Center
Cleveland, OH

  $10,000 for Emergency Shelter Program
Provides safe shelter, access to basic needs, and comprehensive programming for women and children in need of immediate respite from domestic violence.

Red Dot Fill This House
Cleveland, OH

  $5,000 for Independent Living Outreach Program
Dedicated to improving the living conditions of local youth aging out of the foster care system. Provides household needs for transitioning youth in independent housing. Delivers support and comfort, and provides a fresh start in a manner that maintains dignity and encourages growth.

Red Dot Focus North America - St. Herman House of Hospitality
Cleveland, OH

  $5,000 for Emergency Shelter and Transitional Housing
Men's homeless shelter in the Ohio City neighborhood that serves 3 hot meals a day, 7 days a week, to men, women and children in the community. Also provides groceries and clothing to those in need.

Red Dot Salvation Army
Cleveland, OH

  $15,000 for Zelma George Family Emergency Shelter
Provides emergency shelter for homeless families.

Red Dot Scranton Road Ministries
Cleveland, OH

  $5,000 for Youth Jobs Partnership
Provides comprehensive job training for students in Cleveland schools.

Red Dot Seeds of Literacy
Cleveland, OH

  $5,000 for Improving Lives Through Education
Provides basic education and G.E.D. preparation classes to empower adults in the Cleveland neighborhoods to become self-sufficient.

Red Dot Values in Action Foundation
Cleveland, OH

  $5,000 for Workforce Training
Focuses on teaching students and employees how to apply character and values in the workplace. Provides students with the opportunity to focus and utilize their values based leadership skills into their future workplace roles.

Red Dot House of Champions
Cleveland, OH

  $10,000 for Expansion
Provides a nurturing and safe setting where grade school children have additional opportunities to learn life skills which will give them the confidence to succeed. The focus is on strengthening academic achievements, practicing communication techniques, and learning respectful and appropriate social skills.

Red Dot Humility of Mary Housing
Cleveland, OH

  $10,000 for Opportunity House
Provides housing and supportive services for homeless youth.

Red Dot Joseph's Home
Cleveland, OH

  $10,000 for Medical Respite Care for Acutely Ill Homeless Men
Transitional facility for homeless men in need of medical recuperation.

Red Dot Legal Aid Society of Cleveland
Cleveland, OH

  $10,000 for Homelessness Prevention
This effort helps low-income tenants avoid eviction and homelessness by preserving their rights and holding private landlords accountable.

Red Dot Malachi House
Cleveland, OH

  $10,000 for Residential Care for the Terminally Ill Low-Income and Homeless Population
Ministers to individuals who need an available caregiver who have limited or no financial resources and are in need of special home care in the final stages of life.

Red Dot Open Doors Academy
Cleveland, OH

  $5,000 for Academic and Enrichment Program for At-risk Youth
Provides out-of-school enrichment programming for middle and high school youth. Protect, inspire, nurture and challenge adolescents to reach their full potential in a safe and structured environment, encouraging relationship building between youth, families, schools and communities as a pillar for success. Work to empower youth to break the cycle of poverty, to make wise lifestyle decisions, to engage in positive relationships with their peers, and to prepare for further success.

Total Grants $526,100 100%
Social Services $258,000 49%
Education $137,000 26%
Miscellaneous $131,100 25%
Number of Grants 89
Average Value of Grants $5,900

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